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Sigman/Kaiden has been a leader, for over fifty years, in the design and implementation of Integrated Materials Handling Systems. Our continued growth can be attributed to an engineering and consulting staff at the technological forefront of logistics systems for distribution, warehousing and manufacturing. Whether you are planning new facilities, adding to your present facility, or searching for systems to improve material flow, shop flow, storage and order processing operations, our professional analysis, planning and participation in the implementation process can provide you with significant and continuing dividends for years to come.

Working with your management, production, sales, marketing and financial personnel our "team" approach becomes the method utilized to assist you in developing the goals and objectives that will be used in the initial planning stage. You will receive a total package for we survey and allocate space and prepare a facility plan-with budget figures-which you can incorporate as an integral part of your overall business plan...just like your marketing, sales and financial strategies. Included will be plant and warehouse layouts and materials handling systems for efficient productivity and flexibility.

At Sigman/Kaiden we realize that there are many businesses that do not require highly technical integrated control systems. Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive, cost effective solutions to their material handling problems. Previous studies and cases provided the desired results without extensive expenditures and were implemented with a minimum of inconvenience.

As an independent consulting firm we strive to stay abreast of the technologies being introduced into our industry by attending seminars and inviting equipment and systems suppliers to present their products and services to our staff for evaluation. Recent design and implementation projects have incorporated a broad range of technologies including: a radio frequency controlled moveable rack storage system; the design and installation of robotic palletizers for a well known vacuum cleaner manufacturer's product line; a voice recognition system for bakery products, a "smart" AGV in a refrigerated environment and a multi-station parcel manifest system with automatic destination sortation.

The selection of any materials handling "system"-whether it is a storage and retrieval system for raw materials, work in process or a finished goods; or a system for order processing and order selection-requires the utmost in attention and planning. Too often we see equipment and systems inappropriate for the specific application, for expert assistance, please call us for an objective review of your particular requirements.











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